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Saturday, March 31, 2018

7 Book Ideas You Can Use To Start Writing A Book

Book Ideas #1: Write about your photos.

A photo is worth a thousand words and it’s time you started writing about the selfies you have been taking. Write a whole book about a day of sadness or joy in your life and make it a best-selling memoir.

Book Ideas #2: Write about your acts of kindness.

If you are a giving person, you probably do a lot more for people than you realize. Take pictures and blog about other people’s stories, their triumphs, and setbacks. Give them some help, and then help yourself when you write a bestselling book about it.  

Book Ideas #3. Perform a social experiment.

Change your daily routine and see if anyone notices. Go to bed early for a month. Take a new way to work every day. Drastically change your wardrobe or hair color. Write it all down, especially if people treat you differently. You will then have a bestselling self-help book.

Book Ideas #4: Look for a different job.

Start scouring local job postings for a new line of work and chronicle your experience. You don’t have to take a new job, but if you did, it could be another best-selling book idea.

Book Ideas #5: Go on a weight-loss diet and write about what you experience.

If you have ever been on a weight-loss diet, you know there is plenty to write about. Go on the diet, record your experiences - including the withdrawal, the hunger, and your ultimate triumph or failure. Go to a weight-loss meeting and write about the people there. It will all make for a best-selling book.

Book Ideas #6: Write about a question someone asked you today.

Where are you from? What do you do? Are you seeing anyone? Are you married? Do you have children? Are you single? These are all questions we get asked every day and a humorous book about the answers could have you laughing all the way to the bank.

Book Ideas #7: Write about a dream you had.

We all have weird dreams, so write them down and then expand upon them. Make up a fictional character who is having these dreams and write a novel about why they are having them. If you make it intriguing enough, you will have a best-seller on your hands.

   I know you can do it.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Write A Book That Becomes A Bestseller

You can write a book that becomes a bestseller if you have a topic that fascinates you, a catchy title for your book, and a few minutes you can set aside every day to write. 

What you don't need is any writing experience, a college degree, or formal training in writing.That said, let's look at how you can start writing a best-selling book today.

Find the right topic.

If there is a topic that fascinates you, then you have a good start to writing a book. This is because writing a book is a lengthy process, and you have to be interested enough in your topic to finish writing your book. Keep in mind, a half-finished book won't do you any good when it comes to publishing it.

Create a catchy title.

Books are sold by their titles, and if your book title isn't catchy, no one will be interested, including yourself. The best way to come up with a catchy title is to start writing down some common phrases that you hear every day and then turn them into a title for your book. And if someone is already familiar with the phrasing that you use in your title, they are much more likely to buy your book. 

Write every day.

Writing every day is the only way to start and then finish writing a book. But this is harder than it sounds, because you won't always be inspired to write anything. So the best thing to do is to start a blog on the subject matter of your book. This isn't to get a following, but to give yourself a way that forces you to write a little bit each day. If you are faithful with your writing over the course of the year, at the end of it you will have a finished book. If you use a free blog, make sure you copyright the material, and then take it down when you publish.

  I know you can do it.

How to write a book.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Find Out About Scholarships for Military Dependents

Find Out About Scholarships for Military Dependents
Scholarships For Military Dependents Are Available
Besides being patriotic, there are many benefits to serving in the military during the war. One of them is the fact that dependents of the military can get scholarship money to attend college or university to get their degrees if they qualify.  With the way that the costs of college tuition have risen, this is a great way for military personnel to send their dependents to college if they cannot afford it.

These benefits can be obtained by most military troops.  

This includes soldiers that are active, as well as soldiers that are retired; as long as they have dependents.  This is great news for military personnel of all branches who need money to send their children to college or university.  These days, college is not only getting more expensive, it is also becoming harder to get scholarships through regular channels.  By applying to the military, you may be able to get up to $10,000 per dependent for tuition.

This scholarship program, referred to as the Military Spouse and Dependents Scholarship Program, has money available through grants and scholarships that is available to both spouses and children of military men and women. All branches of the military, including the Army, the Marines, the Navy, and the Air Force are eligible to receive the benefits for their children and their spouses so that they can attend college or university.

Military service has been a respected and honored profession in the United States for centuries.  Even more than this, and even more than the personal satisfaction that comes from military service during the war - is the fact that these scholarships can be passed on to military dependents.  This is one more way to insure the future success of the U.S. So, anyone who has a military parent or spouse should take advantage of the benefit and get their college or university education.     


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

How to Go to College on a Pell Grant

How to Go to College on a Pell Grant
College is an option even if you can't afford it.
As opposed to a high school education from a public school, most students who decide to go to college or university have to pay. In the end, a college degree usually pays off because you can get a higher paying and professional job, which will usually turn into a lucrative career. In fact, studies show that many college graduates will earn $1,000,000 more over the course of their lifetime than their high school counterparts. This makes a college degree worth the cost of tuition, but the upfront costs can be staggering.

Nevertheless, if you fall into a low-income tax bracket, you may qualify for a Pell Grant. A Pell Grant is a form of financial aid for students who plan to get a college degree but can't afford it. A college grant is money that pays for college tuition that you don't have to pay back. The Pell Grant can also pay other expenses that go along with a secondary education. It was created by the federal government under the Higher Education Act of 1965. If you fit the financial requirements, you are eligible be considered for a Pell Grant. So the first thing you need to do is get your financial records together and apply for a Pell Grant by filling out the online application.

You may qualify for up to $5,000 or even more, depending on your financial situation and what college you are attending. And the program has billions of dollars in grant money to give away, so scarcity of funding is not an issue. Pell Grants can also be applied to any course of study which you choose to pursue. 

The Department of Education is responsible for awarding the grants, which is solely based on financial need and the acceptance into a college or university. The Pell Grant is also versatile in the fact that it can be paid directly to the college or university for tuition; or it can be used for expenses like housing or books. The only important thing to remember about a Pell Grant, however, is that it must be spent wisely because once any student has reached their limit, the funds are not renewable.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Lose Body Fat Over Time With The Right Plan

Lose Body Fat Over Time With The Right Plan
Eating Fresh Fruit Helps You Lose Body Fat 

Everyone who is overweight tends to store extra fat in different places. Fat can settle mainly around the mid-section, the hips, or the thighs and buttocks. Overweight people all feel that they have problem areas, which is why store-bought remedies rarely work to help someone who needs a more individual approach to lose body fat.

If your full-length mirror agrees with what your friends, family, and co-workers are telling you about shedding some pounds, it’s time to take action. But do not take drastic action. Trying to lose ten pounds in a week will leave you cranky and binging by Sunday. The idea of a real successful diet plan is to start slowly, change your eating habits, and keep the weight off permanently.

Your Own Diet Plan To Lose Body Fat

Believe or not, most people who successfully diet come up with their own plan. Remember, in the first two weeks of dieting, not much is going to happen. This is because the weight was put on over time, and that is how it is going to come off. So a great way to start the first two weeks of any diet is to keep a food journal in order to formulate your own plan. 

Its sounds kind of odd, but it works.  Take a pocket notebook with you everywhere you go.  Write down everything you eat during the day and night. You are the only one who will see it, so be completely honest with yourself. Write the time, what you ate, the portion and where you got it from.  Even go so far as to count swiped French fries from someone’s plate, sodas while on break, and even the last chocolate ├ęclair in the break room donut box. 

If you are diligent, you will find an eating pattern that you can start working with. For example, if you don’t feel like cooking after work and you notice that you are eating a take-out burger combo every night, go the store and stock up on low fat frozen dinners. They’ll be waiting for you when you get home. Combine this with some fresh fruit or a ready-made salad and you’ve just cut out a gigantic serving of sodium, carbohydrates, sugar, and fats with little or no effort.  If you continue inventing little tricks like this for yourself, soon you will have your own customized diet plan.

The thing that makes it easier for you to keep the weight off even after you stop the diet, is that over the course of time, your customized healthy diet plan becomes your own personal lifestyle, ultimately enabling you to continue eating healthily and to keep those pounds off. From then on, it’s really just a matter of maintenance and enjoying the body you’ve always wanted. 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Find the Best Restaurants Abroad Using These Easy Tips

Find the Best Restaurants Abroad Using These Easy Tips
The Best Restaurants Are A Joy To Experience.

You may be glued to your mobile phone or device when you are at home, but when you travel to foreign countries, you may not want to use it to find the best restaurants in the area. This is because when you actually get reception, it can be extremely expensive to use your mobile device locally. That being said, you may have to resort to old fashioned tactics to find a decent place to eat. 

Here are some tips to help you find the best restaurants wherever you travel without your mobile:

Tip #1.  Never eat in an empty restaurant.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that that a deserted establishment is ‘undiscovered’ or that you will get better service in a place that has no business. There is a reason why no one is in this restaurant, which you will discover when you get your meal. Instead, pick a place that is pleasantly busy.

Tip #2. Ask the locals, not the concierge, where to eat.

The best time to ask is when you are buying something in a store. If you are a paying customer in a local shop, they are much more likely to tell you about the best restaurants in the area.
Tip #3. Avoid food that is obviously not native to the area.
You may want a pizza, but what you get may be some strange interpretation of it - that may not be edible.

Tip #4. Avoid the tourist hotspots.

It’s natural to want to go to famous places for a drink, but if you are looking for a meal, the best restaurants will be local ones. Get something good to eat and then hit the tourist spots for after-dinner cocktails.

Tip #5. Look for places without an English menu.

With a pocket translator, you can still order, and you will find that the best restaurants have a menu that changes daily anyway. It may even be written on a chalk board outside the restaurant.

Tip #6.  If the dining room looks unsanitary, go somewhere else.

The last tip: Consider these rules to be unbreakable. There will be few (if any) exceptions and you don’t want to have a bad dining experience when you travel, as it can ruin your whole day.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Working Holiday Can Boost Your Spirits As Well As Your Career

A Working Holiday Can Boost Your Spirits As Well As Your Career
A Working Holiday Can Be A Game Changer

If you have been working nonstop for years, or just graduated university, a working holiday may be just what you need to improve you job situation. It used to be that people took time off after graduating from college, or working a long stint in a dead-end job because of sheer exhaustion. This left a gaping hole in their work history or resumes. However, these day people are getting smart and taking a working holiday instead.

What You Can Get Out Of A Working Holiday

On a working holiday, the first thing you can do is look for a new job! This may sound counterproductive, but it isn’t. This is because the first thing you can do on a working holiday is make a wish list of the things you would like to be doing for a career. Use the internet to search job descriptions and requirements, like degrees needed and work experience.

The next thing to do is plan on taking some classes to get into the dream job you are interested in pursuing. Many times, you will find that with your experience, there are only a few classes separating you from the job you desire!

On a working holiday, looking for a new job can be fun. With the internet, you can look for work across the country, concentrating on jobs in places where you would like to travel. You may find jobs in other cities that are willing to take someone with less experience for lower pay, or in exchange for room and board. Thinking of doing your dream job in another state is exciting, and probably the lift you need to get started on the path to a new, productive, and fulfilling career.

Of course you may be taking a cut in pay, but you are building a future that will be much more rewarding than the path you may be on right now. Lastly, the great thing about a working holiday is that you can make new contacts with people who may be able to further your career in ways that you can’t possibly even know at this point.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Questionnaire Brings More Friends To Your Facebook Page

A Facebook Page With A Questionnaire Is Popular

Are you one of those people who got a Facebook page and thought their life would change? But then it didn’t because no one is responding to your posts? You are not alone. There are many other Facebook users just like you who post activities, interests and photos on their sites and no one responds. But there is one thing that they (and you) don’t have. It’s a questionnaire. And everyone loves questionnaires.

A Questionnaire Brings More Friends To Your Facebook Page
People Love To Answer A Questionnaire About Themselves 
The most popular sites on Facebook all have a questionnaire posted on them. For some odd reason, people who live false lives on the internet love to answer questions about their perpetually disingenuous cyber personas. If someone sees a personal quiz on the internet, they are compelled to answer it; especially if it has a racy title. However, in order to take your quiz - they have to be your friend - and this is how you get them.

To get started with a quiz for your Facebook page, all you need is a free quiz template from one of the hundreds of companies that offer them.  What the template does is put a teaser on your profile, which directs your social victims to a form where they fill out the quiz.  It records their answers and then gives them the results. They are now linked to your page, so not only can you read their super secret answers, you can also count them as your new best friends forever. Lucky them.

On top of this, they can link you to all of their friends, who can then invite all of other their friends to take the quiz. Potentially, your Facebook page can become a frenzy of self-centered people who are just dying to tell you their deepest and darkest fake secrets in order to get the verdict from the all knowing quiz master. At this point, it’s time to invest in a stats tracker so you can count all of your newfound cyber friends.

The Logic Of The Quiz

People are fascinated by personal quizzes because each quiz promises to draw a conclusion about a person based on their responses. People with very low mentalities (like many people you want to friend on Facebook) feel like they will get some special insight into themselves by answering a few unscientific questions posed by a stranger on the internet. This is as opposed to going to a therapist where they will learn the truth about themselves and have to face it in person.

So when they see a questionnaire entitled, “Are you sexy?” they just have to find out if it is true or not.  The suspense of finding out from a Facebook page if they are sexy or not is too much temptation. Other good titles to lure people into your web of self-doubt are, “Does He Like You?”, “Are You Happy?”, and “Are You A Genius?” Of course, all of the questions and conclusions are already written for you, but there are blank quizzes as well.

Blank questionnaires allow you to make up the answers and conclusions for the entire quiz. For example, it could be really fun to enter all of the conclusions as “This Quiz Determines That You Are Criminally Insane!” or something like that; but a sincere person like you wouldn’t do that. However, you can have fun with customizing a blank questionnaire (or using an existing questionnaire template) and get many new friends and followers in the process.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

NASA Investments in Food Printing May Help Solve Future World Hunger

Food Printing May Help Solve Future World Hunger
Food Printing May Help Solve Future World Hunger
If you have never heard of food printing, that may change within the next few decades. This is because food printing technology, now being developed for astronauts, may become commonplace in the home in coming decades.

The idea for food printing technology is currently being funded by NASA, who needed a powdered food supply that would keep fresh up to fifteen years, as space missions grow longer.  Reconstituted powders used in food printing machines last up to 30 years when stored in their containers. 

Just what is food printing?

Food printing essentially takes powdered foods like proteins, breads, and vegetable bases and combines them with water and oil to reconstitute them into edible food. The first food being developed right now is pizza, which is an easy food to make and appealing to most people. The food printer uses a 3D printing process, which first prints a layer of dough, then sauce and finally a layer of protein that acts as the topping. It is printed onto a heated plate, which bakes the pizza as it is printed. This food printing machine is not quite the same as the replicators in popular science fiction shows, but it will eventually be developed for home use.

As the world population grows, this may be helpful as food sources become scarcer. The powders used in the food printing machine can come from plants like algae and also insects - food sources which are much more plentiful than beef, chicken and other animal products. As well, since all of the powders last up to 30 years, there is very little food waste as you will only print out what you will eat at one setting.

As the food printing machine develops, recipes will come in the form of open source software, which will measure out what powders should be used in which layers and how they should be mixed with the oils and water. This even includes adjusting the recipes for weight loss or illness.

Anjan Contractor, the inventor, envisions a bright future for his 3D food printing machine.  “I think, and many economists think, that current food systems can’t supply 12 billion people sufficiently,” says Contractor. “So we eventually have to change our perception of what we see as food.”

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Men's Basic Wardrobe Guide

Men's Basic Wardrobe Guide
A Man's Wardrobe Should Include One Nice Tie
If you are a guy, you probably already have the wardrobe basics: t-shirts, jeans, underwear, socks, and tennis shoes, but do you have the wardrobe essentials?  
Essentials are the pieces in your wardrobe that you need when you want to look your best – like when you go on a date, or a job interview, or to any formal occasion.  Every guy has their own style, but if your friends, family, or significant other doesn’t want to be seen with you in public, you may want to check out a few of these critical wardrobe items.


This may seem like an item that only guys who work in an office wear, but a sharp-looking suit is really important for every guy to have in his wardrobe.  It is needed for interviews, special occasions, dates, weddings, and funerals.  In other words, every time you need to be a man.  Don’t make yourself look like a chump.  Have at least one conservative suit in your closet.  If it’s really nice, you may be able to pair the suit jacket with some khakis to wear out on the weekend for dinner.


Every man needs at least one.  A really crisp white dress shirt will make you shine at interviews and social occasions.  However, its versatility lies in the fact that it can be worn casually, untucked and with rolled-up sleeves on the weekend.  Always keep a clean one in your closet and you will never be sorry.


They go with suits, they go with jeans, but most importantly, they go together.  Even for men, there is nothing worse than a mismatched belt and shoes.  It doesn’t matter what style, buy some black dress shoes and a black belt and you can go anywhere.  Please note:  This is not an item to skimp on – there is nothing worse than a seeing a guy wear cheap black shoes.   



All of your jeans can be ripped, faded, and headed for the rag bin, but keep one pair of new looking straight-leg jeans and you can get away with wearing them a lot more places than you might think.


Really. This sweater is great way to liven up a plain dress shirt and khakis, but it also goes over a t-shirt and jeans to make them look more formal.    


Even if you are a professional with lots of ties, the only thing most people notice about them is what you spill on them at lunch. Buy ordinary ties for work, etc., but buy one really nice silk tie for special occasions. Don’t go for something crazy, you just want a dash of color to let everyone know you cared enough to dress up for the event.


A really nice black leather car coat looks good everywhere you want to go.  It goes right over business suits and other work attire; but on the weekends, it’s great for football games, dates, and night clubs. The black leather car coat is a great investment, and probably the most versatile coat you will ever own.

So don’t think that you have to go out and buy a lot of different clothes to look nice all of the time.  If you invest in the few essentials that you need to look good, most everything else in your wardrobe will start looking good too.       

Friday, March 2, 2018

4 Ways To Lose Weight That Don’t Require Much Effort

4 Ways To Lose Weight That Don’t Require Much Effort
Weight Loss Can Be Worked Into A Busy Life

There are many easy ways to lose weight without having to devote your entire life to a time-consuming diet and exercise regimen. Because losing weight is really about changing habits, it doesn’t matter whether they are small habits or large. Every time you change one, you are one step closer to your ideal weight.

Losing weight this way may not get you fast results, but for the busy person who has doesn’t have much time, it still works. Some of the following habits can be implemented right away and others can be gradually introduced into your over-all plan to slowly but permanently help you lose weight.


One of the biggest setbacks dieters have is shopping for groceries.  

They walk down the aisles with their shopping cart and load it up with too much junk food instead of buying what healthy groceries they need. To a hungry person, everything looks good. Grocery shopping right after eating will prevent this from happening. When you aren’t hungry, food looks much less appealing and you buy less. Also, always take a list and buy only what is on it and then promptly leave the store.

Avoid eating out. 

All dishes in restaurants have twice the fat, calories, sugar and salt than something you would make yourself. One health study shows that a person who stops eating out can lose an average of three pounds in a month simply by eating at home and taking their lunch to work. Also, replace sugary drinks and sodas with flavored water and you may shed another two pounds per month.  

Walking is another good habit to start. 

You don’t have to be a marathon walker or even take time out of your day to do it.  Park your car at the back of the lot. Walk your dog. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If it’s a rainy day, walk the entire length of the shopping mall to look for the new clothes you will be soon be able to wear. Just take a bottle of water and pass up the food court. Walking every day will take off another three pounds a month. 

Drink plenty of water. 

This not only keeps you hydrated, but can also help to stave off food cravings because your stomach thinks it is full. Water also helps flush out your system and keeps it regular.  Eight glasses a day is recommended, but most people don’t have time to keep track.  The best way to get eight glasses of water a day is to buy individually bottled water by the pack. Set eight of them aside every morning. When they are gone, you know that you have consumed enough water for the day.  Drinking this much water daily helps you lose about three pounds a month.

If you add it up, that’s about ten pounds a month. After a year that equals one hundred and twenty pounds. There aren’t any guarantees, but as you can see, there are many easy ways to lose weight that require very little effort.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Common Professions That Must Understand Human Anatomy

Common Professions That Must Understand Human Anatomy
Understanding Anatomy Is Helpful Every Day

It depends on how you want to make your living, but having a working knowledge of the human anatomy will help you in many common professions that aren’t necessarily even health-related. That being said, here are some common professions that you may not have thought of - where knowing about human anatomy will come in handy:

Waiter: So many people who work their way through medical school have to wait tables to make ends meet. Choking hazards are rare, but do you where the trachea is? It’s also called the windpipe, but you will have to perform the Heimlich maneuver on your customer to clear their trachea within 5 to 6 minutes so they don’t choke to death or have permanent brain damage.

Teacher: Most public school teachers have to be a sponsor for after-school events at some point in their career. This usually involves coaching sports of some kind. Since many kids get injured during the practices - and a teacher is responsible for their safety - you will need to know basic anatomical terminology in order to give them immediate medical attention. When you call 911, your students will get much quicker help if you know what part of the body has been injured.

Taxi Driver: You never know who will be asking you for a ride. If your passenger has a heart attack, you will want to know about arterial fibrillation and how it causes this medical problem. Helping your passenger can help save a life - and also make you a hero. Taking CPR classes and brushing up on your knowledge of anatomy is the best way to do this. As well, if you take a woman to the hospital who goes into labor while she is in your cab, it will help to know something about reproductive anatomy. You may also just get a baby named after you in the way of appreciation.

Bartender: When people visit your bar, they always tip better if you are an interesting person. One of the best ways to talk to people is to engage them in subjects like medical trivia. For example, the more you know about anatomy, the more people will be impressed. This is because many people don’t know anything about anatomy and they will be happy to learn from you. This is especially true if they want to talk to you about their own medical ailments.

As you can see, whether you work your way through medical school or if you decide to pursue any other common professions as a career, an understanding of the human anatomy will always come in handy.