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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

How To Develop Life Skills For A More Promising Future

How To Develop Life Skills For A More Promising Future
Mastering Life Skills Will Get You Further Ahead

Life skills are the rudimentary survival skills that people learn as they go through life. 

While some people learn how to live by watching other people’s mistakes, some of us learn by making some of our own. At any rate, we all learn how to survive in society by one way or the other. Many of us learn all of the skills we need by the time we graduate from high school, or at least that’s the goal.

We learn from parents, teachers and from our friends, but if you feel that your life skills could use some improvement, here are tips on how to develop some life skills to make your life run smoother. Or, perhaps you know someone that could benefit from reading this article. Either way, basic life skills are essential for anyone to survive and flourish on planet earth.

1. How to Communicate Clearly

The ability to communicate clearly is essential for survival. This may seem obvious, but communicating goes deeper than just you talking and writing to make yourself heard. “Communicating Clearly” means:

·      Listening patiently. Listening patiently means waiting for someone to finish before you speak and listening to what they have to say before you form your own opinion.

·      Maintaining eye contact. Always look someone in the eye when you talk to them, don’t look at the ground.

·     Respecting personal space. Don’t get too close to someone when you are speaking to them. Scientific studies show that people like 3 feet of personal space around them when they are talking to someone.

·       Learning people’s names. Take the time to learn a person’s name when you are talking to them.

2. How to live independently. 

The ability to live independently is always tough to manage, so you have to have some ground rules in order to survive.

·      Stay within a budget. If you can’t afford it - don’t buy it, even if you have credit. The first thing that you should pay every month is your rent so that you have a place to live.

·      Be responsible for your time. If you have to be at work the next day, don’t stay out all night and miss work. As well, make sure that you keep appointments for school, family, doctors, etc.

·     Maintain emotional self-control. Always in life, many things will not go your way and you will not have control over a situation. The one thing that you do have control over, however, are your emotions. 

3. How to improve your vocational skills

You won’t ever be happy working as a store clerk for the rest of your life.  You will need to make more money and contribute to society to feel fulfilled.
·         Find out where you can go to school to learn some vocational skills.
·         Make sure that these skills are needed in the area where you live.
·         Try to find a vocation where you are naturally successful.
·         Make the commitment to go to school and work at the same time.

4. How to develop consumer skills. 

If you do start to earn some money, you will need to spend it wisely. Whenever you spend your money, it is important to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible.
·         Don’t buy anything on credit. Save your money to pay for expensive items or use layaway.
·         Shop around for the best price or wait for a sale before you buy.
·         When you shop, always take a list and don’t buy anything that is not on it.

5. Self determination is the key for survival. 

In case you haven’t noticed, there probably aren’t a lot of people around that care if you make it or not. YOU HAVE TO CARE. And sticking to these basic life skills are in your best interest, but it will take your own self-determination to stay on the right path to success. 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

How Staying On The Computer For Hours Is Ruining Your Health

Staying On The Computer Is Bad For Your Health
Staying On The Computer All The Time Can Be Isolating
Staying on the computer all of the time is not healthy for a lot more reasons than you might think, especially if you sit at a computer all day at work. As our society is becoming more and more computer oriented, we are just beginning to learn about the risks that are now associated with sitting at computers for too long of a time. 
Studies are coming out that suggest there is much more harm coming to those who stay on the computer for most of their waking hours than they realize.

Health Problems Caused By Staying on the Computer For Long Hours

There are quite a few myths out there about what computer overuse causes (including sterility and eyesight loss) but real studies show much more common problems arising when a user stays on the computer for long stretches at a time. These problems are fairly obvious and shouldn’t be ignored if you or someone you know is suffering.

Lower Back Pain:

When you sit at the computer for long hours at a time, you may eventually experience lower back pain and other back problems. Sitting down makes your glutes and hip flexors weak - which contributes to a larger belly and back pain when continual stress is put on your lumbar spine.  The remedy: Go for a walk every few hours if you sit on the computer all day.


People who stay on computers for too many hours during the day are likely to weigh an average of 16 pounds more than those who have active jobs. So the longer you stay on the computer, the more out of shape you will eventually become, unless you are an active person. Being overweight by more than 16 pounds can lead to heart problems and diabetes.

Accidental Death:

Constantly texting and playing games on a mobile device can lead to accidental death. Whether you are driving, taking public transportation, or walking, being unaware of your surroundings while you are texting or gaming is just plain dangerous. 

Social Problems Caused By Staying On The Computer For Long Hours

Besides medical problems, there are social problems that stem from staying on the computer for too many hours at a time.

Social Withdrawal:

You may think that you are being very social by gaming or dating online, but you aren’t. If you saw someone reading a book for twelve hours a day, you would make fun of them for being anti-social, or a bookworm. You may think that gaming or dating online is different, but it isn’t. Who are all of these people that you are meeting and making friends with, anyway? They are no more real than any character in a book, except for the fact that they can really harm you.

If you are making up information to get people to like you because you will never meet them in person, this can be dangerous to your self-esteem. You can also bet that these strangers have made up all of their information as well. So what kind of relationship are you having? Not a healthy one. If you aren’t going out to at least three social activities a week, you may need to talk to someone to find a real social group you can join. As well, giving out real information to strangers can be physically harmful if they turn out to be thieves or other kinds of social deviants that really do want to meet you.

Gaming Addiction:

If you are constantly either gaming or looking at adult content or both, you may have a problem that you don’t see. However, don’t be surprised if other people notice it and say something. This is another case where it is important to get away from the computer and take a walk or get involved with a social group.  

Saturday, January 27, 2018

How to Get the Most out of Your Web Hosting Provider

How to Get the Most out of Your Web Hosting Provider
It Pays To Shop For The Best Web Hosting Provider
There are hundreds of different web hosting providers out there, and they all offer different kinds of services.  That makes it confusing to find a web hosting provider that is right for you, so how do you do it?  The first temptation is to go by the lowest price, but six months later, that may leave you sending angry emails to customer service and calling your bank to stop payments.  It is better to take your time, because there is a lot of criteria to sort through, and you don’t want to make any mistakes if you rely on your website to conduct business with the rest of the world.

The first thing to look at when you are considering a web hosting provider is to look at the size of the company. 

Hosting companies, especially cheap hosting companies, come in every size, ranging from three guys in a basement to huge conglomerates with overseas customer service departments and 1-800 numbers.  They both have their pluses and minuses, but there are a few key things to look at with each type of company.

Smaller companies tend to have the best customer service. 

They may not have a 1-800 number for you to call, but you will usually get someone who will take personal care with your technical problems.  They may even take the time to help you learn new software.  However, be prepared to be on the phone more often, because these companies often lease their data centers, so you will definitely experience more downtime.  As well, some of the low cost web hosting companies rely solely on monthly fees from their customers, so if the sales drop off, so does the service.  So much so, that many of these companies wind up going bankrupt, or selling out to large corporations like Endurance International, a Massachusetts holding company known for buying up these companies and then dismantling them.

Smaller hosting companies also rely heavily on a Linux operating system to save money. 

Linux based web hosting is the most common type of hosting to find because the Linux operating system is the cheapest, most stable and most secure platform for website development.  Linux is widely distributed for little or no cost because it is General Public License Software, and it is free to get updates.  However, if you want to use Dreamweaver the company may give you Dreamweaver extensions to work with, but since Dreamweaver is really an Adobe product; the results vary when using it with specific Linux operating systems. 

To save money on software, these home-grown companies will also create their own control panel, which also has varying degrees of success.  Instead, look for companies that use the cPanel.  This is licensed software and an easy-to-use icon-based interface for website administration.   So if you are planning on going with a smaller web hosting provider, make sure that they have the cPanel, especially if you have never managed your own web site before. 

Larger web hosting providers have their own set of concerns, the first being customer service.  

Even though it is advertised as 24/7, don’t expect customer service at a larger company to do anything other than simple tech or billing requests.  One thing about a larger company is that you absolutely have to have a working knowledge of coding and software in order to be able to take advantage of the lower prices and better packages that they offer.  In other words, don’t sign up for incredible amounts of software if you don’t know how to use it. 

At the same time, most of these larger companies have their own their own data centers, so you won’t have as many technical errors or downtime to complain about.  As well, if you can learn on your own, these larger, budget web hosting companies offer a lot more tutorials and forums on web site development. Lastly, if your website gets too big for shared hosting, larger companies will let you trade up to a dedicated or virtual hosting plan for free.  

These are just some of the things to consider and expect from any web hosting provider. 

The most important thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter how low the price is if the cheap web hosting package you sign up for doesn’t work for your particular situation.  Since we’re only talking about five dollars a month more in the case of shared hosting, go ahead and pay the extra money if it will make your website run less hassle-free.              


Thursday, January 25, 2018

Why Discount Web Hosting Is Good For Your Brick and Mortar Business

Discount Web Hosting Is Good For Your Brick and Mortar Business
Discount Web Hosting Brings In More Business
     Discount web hosting is good for any brick and mortar business that wants to get higher sales and expand their customer base. In fact, having a website for your business is the most cost- effective way to reach existing customers as well as an incredible amount of new ones. Internet marketing works for retail businesses, service-oriented businesses, and even non-profit organizations to increase revenue and awareness for a product or organization that is looking for a way to get new customers. 

Web Hosting Will Bring In New Customers.

     Cheap web hosting is probably the most cost effective way to expand sales and product recognition if you already own a brick and mortar business. This can be accomplishes in two ways:  by providing different products and services to your existing customers, and using effective internet marketing techniques to find new customers. Setting up a simple website with a budget web hosting company is probably the first step to take in order to increase sales to existing customers.

     A website for your business can help with existing customers by announcing new services and new products as well as sales. Make sure you let your customers know about the website with business cards and flyers so that they are aware that they don’t always have to come to your physical location to buy products or schedule services. For a service-based industry, you can have an ‘about us’ page that’s lets customers know what services you provide and what your background is.  An advanced site can even schedule appointments, report test results, and answer questions or give quotes via email. 

If You Decide to Start A Website For Your Business, What Features Should You Look For?

     If you own a retail business for example, look for a discount web hosting company that offers more than one MySQL database along with PHP scripting capabilities.  You may not be familiar with either of these two terms, but learning about how these two languages work together will ultimately help you build a data base that you can use for thing like email blasts and VIP customers. Many cheap PHP web hosting plans provide MySQL and PHP with their basic plans, and if you don’t understand how they work, there are many free applications that combine the two languages and many tutorials that go with them.

Another Feature To Look For Is The cPanel. 

     This is an easy-to-use, icon based interface that will let you access features like your MySQL databases, Fantastico, and other software that you will need to manage your site.   The cPanel will also display data like your monthly disk space usage, monthly bandwidth transfer, email accounts, FTP accounts, mailing lists, visitor logs, and other account information that is available at a glance, anytime you need to check it.  Once you have a database of customers, you can email them with special sales and discounts or new product announcements.

Getting Help With Your Website.

     As simple as the cPanel makes it for you to manage your site, you still may have to hire some outside help. While many discount web hosting companies offer free site builders, if you own a small business, you may not be able to take advantage of this offer. The free site builders that are offered are generally for personal sites or organizational sites because they are easy to use and easy to manage, but they aren’t really set up for much else.  A professional services site may be able to get away with using a free site builder, but it is not really advanced enough for any kind of retail sales.  If you don’t know a good website designer, you are better off going with a hosting package that will allow you to use WordPress to design your site.    

Managing A More Advanced Website.

     If you plan to attract new customers and want to develop an eCommerce site in addition to the physical store which you may already have, you will need to have a website that is more advanced. Depending on how much business you want to do online and how much traffic you expect to your site, it will probably be wise to contact a website designer or internet marketing group.  Many discount web hosting companies provide these services in-house for an extra fee, so that is something to check out as well.

     In this case, you will have to understand rankings, keywords, web content, shopping carts, web layout, the benefits of linking, and a whole host of other concepts in order to run a successful eCommerce business.  At any rate, the possibilities for a discount web hosting company to help you increase your business are infinite, as long as you are willing to do some of the work yourself.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Secrets of Cheap Web Hosting

The Secrets Of Cheap Web Hosting
Cheap Web Hosting May Provide The Solution You Need
    Cheap web hosting packages provide everything that a small business or an individual needs to get started with a successful website on the internet.  However, if you are new to web hosting and you are shopping around for the best deal, signing up for a cheap web hosting service can be confusing.  
   Like any other purchase, you have to understand what you are getting before you sign up.  This means thoroughly understanding what cheap web hosting companies offer so that you know what you need in order get your website to work right.  It also means reading the fine print to understand what is really included in a cheap web hosting service.

First of all, most cheap web hosting falls into the category of ‘shared’ web hosting. 

     Shared web hosting means that each server at the data center has many different web sites on it, and they are all running at the same time.  Even though you have your own space on the server (computer), shared hosting can present some security risks and coding errors with so many different people having access to the same server.  If you are putting together an informational site or a personal site, a shared hosting plan is perfect.  

   However, if you are a small business that accepts credit cards or has a high-traffic site with sensitive information, you may want to look into virtual hosting or dedicated hosting.  These kinds of cheap web hosting services are still affordable; they just provide more security for you and your customers.

Another thing to look out for is cheap web hosting companies that promise unlimited disk space and bandwidth.   

     Disk space and bandwidth refer to how much information you can store and access on the server per month.  So when you sign up for a cheap web hosting package, you will have to order a service based on how big your website is and the amount of traffic you will have.  By offering unlimited disk space and bandwidth, a cheap web hosting company makes it sound like you can put any size web site on the server that you want and then be able to direct an infinite amount of traffic to access that site.

     Nevertheless, when a cheap web hosting company offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth, they really mean that you can have about 1,500 gigabytes of disk storage and 15,000 gigabytes of bandwidth per month.   It’s not a scam.  This is just a number based on the capacity that the average user will probably never exceed.   So, before you get greedy with ‘unlimited’ space, do the math and see if that amount of space is enough for your mammoth website before you sign up for a contract.  Another place to check for storage space is in your email account.  Again, if you expect high traffic, don’t short yourself there either because you only get so many emails per month, even if it says unlimited.

Cheap web hosting companies also offer free domain names when you sign up for an account.  

     This is a great deal; just remember that the domain name is only yours as long as you have an account with that web hosting company.  If you switch to another web hosting company, you have to buy the name if you want to take it with you.  Make sure you find out what it costs before you sign a contract.  Cheap web hosting companies also offer packages that host unlimited domains.  Again, before you get excited, remember that this is for domain names that you already own, which will become subdomains of your main site.  As well, all of your sites go under the same account, so you still only get the base amount of disk space and bandwidth that the original package offers.  All of your domains that you host with that account will all have to share that space.

     Also, look out for phrases like ‘additional fee,’ ‘included for the first 3 months only,’ and ‘with 36 month contract.’  Otherwise, you may wind up with additional fees charged to your debit or credit card that you weren’t expecting.  This is mainly for software that looks like it is included in the package. Remember, there is a big difference between phrases like ‘WordPress Included’ and ‘WordPress Supported.’

But don’t let any of this turn you off from cheap web hosting.  

     Overall, cheap web hosting is a great deal.  Especially with so much competition and General Public License software out there, the cost of web hosting has significantly dropped.   You just have to be an informed consumer when you compare rates, features, and contract lengths.  

Monday, January 22, 2018

Why Free Web Hosting Doesn’t Work

Free Web Hosting Can Cause Problems
Free Web Hosting Can Cause You Many Problems
There are quite a few web hosting companies that offer free web hosting, but this is never a good option for your website. 
Essentially, the way free web hosting works is that you go and buy a domain name, and then the free web hosting company provides the rest.  This means disk space and bandwidth along with some support and software for your website.  

It sounds like a good deal, so why wouldn’t you sign up?  There are quite a few reasons:

The first reason is the free advertising that may show up on your site.  

You have to figure that a company that gives away free web hosting has to make money somehow, and they do.  They reserve the right to put advertising on your site in order to make advertising revenue.  The more traffic you get to your site, the more money the company can charge for advertising.  However, don’t be surprised if the company that provides you free web hosting also advertises competing products on your web site. 

Another drawback is the lack of continuity.  

These kind of hosting companies are usually owned and operated by individuals with no operating capital, so as soon as the advertising revenue dries up, the company just disappears.  Along with them go your traffic, rankings and whatever other benefits you have derived from free web hosting.  Of course, this means starting over, so any goals that you have for your web site are still as far away to being accomplished as they were in the first place.

Another trick of free web hosting companies is to sell you additional products.  

So, you may think that if you go with a legitimate company with a well-known name, they’re doing you a favor by hosting your web site for free.  This is definitely not true.  First of all, any scripting, graphics or software that they give you is bare bones, which can really hurt the look and functionality of your site.  Not only does this hold you back as far as web development, you will get constant email reminders to purchase whatever scripting or software this company is famous for, all at a hefty price tag. 

The kind of extra features that they are selling are usually already included in cheap web hosting packages.  In fact, you may wind up spending even more money on free web hosting than if you paid for the service in the first place.  In short, there isn’t any reason to go this route.  Even if you just want a personal or organizational website, it is better just to pay the money for cheap web hosting and save yourself the trouble.  Remember, free web hosting doesn’t come with customer support, so any money that you save in subscription fees will be lost in time spent with your web site and the frustration you will experience by tying to do it all yourself.   

These days, shared hosting is about as cheap as it gets.  

Monthly plans start out at less than five dollars a month, with a 30 day money back guarantee.  Some low cost web hosting companies don’t even require a contract, so there is almost no obligation.  Shop around, and you’ll probably find free months, free software, and unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

Some of the features you can enjoy with affordable web hosting are amazing.  

For example, you usually get an administrative interface like a cPanel, which makes it easier to perform all of your administrative tasks on your website.   CPanel makes the maintenance and monitoring of your site easy with a panel of icons that you can click to access all of your administrative files.  On the cPanel, you will find data that includes information like the main domain name, disk space usage, monthly bandwidth transfer, email accounts, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, mailing lists, and other account information that is available at a glance, anytime you need to check it. 

Another helpful statistic that you can look at quickly is the Latest Visitors icon which can be found under the Logs section.  This file keeps track of visitor statistics using web log analysis software so that you can keep track of traffic on your site.

Low cost web hosting provides so much more for so little that if you are serious about your website at all, you should shop around and find a good business web hosting company.  A free web hosting company simply can’t provide all of the features that a commercial web hosting can.  The ample disk space and band width, a free site builder, free domain name, free software, and stability are worth more than the low prices that these companies currently charge.  

Saturday, January 20, 2018

SMS Marketing Gets a Better Response than Emails

SMS Marketing Reaches A Targeted Audience
SMS Marketing Reaches A Targeted Audience
   SMS marketing is slowly replacing emails, mainly for their ability to get a quick response - just like emails have all but replaced traditional mail flyers. 

     SMS marketing can be an exciting way to boost sales immediately as well as provide immediate feedback from customers. This is because you can target a specific group of people with a special offer.


SMS (short message server) marketing means sending your sales message as a text to mobile phone users.

    This is the same idea as telemarketing, but is instead a short text message with an offer that can be sent out to all of your customers at once - or sent to a list that you can buy from a digital marketing company.

     And while SMS marketing can be cost-prohibitive, it is becoming widespread enough that the competition is driving down the prices accordingly. In fact, the cost to buy in bulk can be pennies per text. As well, the technology is becoming more user-friendly, so even someone with limited technology experience can run a successful SMS campaign.

     Since 70 percent of the world’s population (9 out of 10 people in metropolitan areas) has mobile phones, it’s a great market to tap into, considering that these people have their phones with them all of the time. As well, mobile phone internet usage is quickly overtaking desktop internet usage. This means that a customer can make an instant purchase if they receive a text that is appealing to them.

Before you can start an SMS marketing campaign however, you will need a phone list.

     If you are looking for new customers, it is possible to buy a list and along with it, an analysis of who responds to your offers. You can also compile your own list from your current customers, as long as you have their permission to receive your texts. The main reason for this would be that you don’t want to be the person who puts them over their usage time if they have a text limit on their phone plan.

     As well, because of the invasiveness of sending text messages to someone’s mobile phone, you may just want to send offers only every so often or the customer may wish to be taken off of your list. So it may be wise to save your text offers for a time when a quick response on an offer will really help your sales.

     At any rate, SMS marketing may be a new approach for you to make quick sales when you are in the position to do so.   

Friday, January 19, 2018

How Business Web Hosting Can Benefit Your Personal Site

Business Web Hosting Works For Personal Use Too
Business Web Hosting Works For Personal Use Too
Business web hosting, sometime referred to as commercial web hosting, used to be expensive and required specialized knowledge to set up and manage.  This is why many people originally turned to free web hosting for personal sites like hobby sites, fan sites, organizational sites, and family sites. 

However, with free website companies going in and out of business and posting too much unwanted advertising and pop ups, many people are turning to business web hosting for a more stable and dedicated space.  Even people who rely on Facebook and Pinterest are discovering the benefits of having a URL dedicated to their own personal website to get noticed and have a devoted place to blog and update their information.

For only about five dollars a month, business web hosting offers so much more than free hosting for personal sites. 

For example, if you have an organizational site, like a Cycling Club, everyone can have their own email address within the site.  This is a more central and organized way to get a hold of everyone and the URL address of the site can be linked to Facebook or Twitter as well.  It’s a lot more credible to give out an email address that’s on a dedicated site than one that is on a free site where everyone can go.

You can also dedicate individual pages to one event or one person on a business website. 

So if someone wants to learn more about a particular event or person in your club, then they can click on the menu and go right to that page.  After that, they can check out the rest of your site.  If you are looking for more exposure for your organization, creating a dedicated site and then creating inbound links to it from free sites is also a great way to get higher rankings and more exposure. 

Get the word out and keep track of members and guests.

This is also an effective way to get the word out for a smaller organization that may not be able to have someone always answering phones to give out information.  A website can become a great 24/7 resource by providing a monthly calendar of events, times of meetings, phone numbers for related organizations, activities, and even simple things like an “About Us” page, or directions to get to an event or meeting.  A simple dedicated website like this can answer most general questions and help take the load off of part-time employees or volunteers.

With the free point-and-click site builder that comes with many cheap web hosting sites, you can create a guestbook for people to sign in and compile a mailing list of people who are interested in your club or organization.  This can be created in a scripting language called PHP, but you don’t have to learn computer languages to set up a list because your site builder will come with a wizard that does this for you.  With this list you can use a MySQL database and then do blanket emails when you have upcoming events.  Again, you don’t have to know a lot about computer languages or coding because you will have a free tutorial or wizard to help you.

You can also create blogs with WordPress, or whatever other blogging software comes with your low-cost web hosting package. And here’s the best part: you can limit the blogging to members with a pass code or open it up to everyone.  It’s your site and your choice. You can limit access to any area with passwords, so unlike free sites, you can keep unwanted people out.  You also get site statistics, so you know how many people visit your site.

Business website freebies are pretty good too.

Many business web hosting companies give you a free domain name, free set-up, free image galleries, free site builders, free subdomains, and free forums.  If you have something like fundraising items, t-shirts, or DVD’s to sell, you may also get free internet advertising coupons and a free shopping cart.  If you do have someone in your group who’s computer savvy, you even get free software like PHP, MySQL, FTP, Apache, Fantastico, Python, Java, Joomla, Cron, ASP, CGI, and Ruby on Rails to create a more professional-looking site.

Business web hosting can help you create a permanent site that is wholly dedicated to your family, organization, club, church, school, or town.  The possibilities are endless and the results are worth the affordable monthly rates.  If you are tired of the drawbacks of free hosting, your own commercial website is definitely worth checking out.  

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Make Money At Home With Web Hosting Reseller Programs

Web Hosting Re-Seller Programs

Web Hosting Re-Seller Programs

Web hosting reseller programs can help you make more money in your spare time. 

    And it’s easier than it sounds. A re-seller of web hosting services is simply a person that goes into business by reselling the services and packages that web hosting companies offer as their own product.  

This is usually done by people who are already in the business themselves, like web developers, designers, and internet marketing experts.  But anyone who knows a little bit about web hosting can do it. So if you already have some website experience and want to go into business for yourself, reselling cheap web hosting is a great way to do it.

     Many web developers and site designers who start their own business find that there may not be as much money in just developing a site for someone as they would like to make.  What they really need to make a profit is to provide someone with a beginning-to-end service.  This usually includes providing monthly service from the best web hosting company along with their web development services. 

Most people who own a small business and need a website don’t want to take the time to run it themselves.  

     So even when they go to the best web hosting company, there is still too much work for them to do.  This is when a re-seller can come in and offer an entire package.  This would include designing the site, getting it ranked, and maintaining and updating the site on a monthly basis.  While designing the site is a onetime fee, the real money is made by charging a monthly service fee and a monthly hosting fee.  This is done by marking up the fees from a cheap web hosting company and passing the cost onto the client.  

    The best web hosting sites are flexible in the way they will let you get started with your re-seller program.  One way to resell monthly packages is to become an agent or partner with one of the more established web hosting companies.  In this scenario, you become a sales representative and the people you sign up become customers of the web host.  The web hosting company pays you a onetime commission and that is the last work that you have to do on that account.  This is probably the best strategy to take with a client that has a simple web site and won’t need your help on an ongoing basis.

Another way to become a re-seller is through a process called 'private label.' 

     In this case, you can offer all of the services of the hosting company as your own under your own company name.  The actual hosting provider will supply you with all of the hosting capabilities, and you provide the customer service.  This is better for larger clients who can use your expertise on a regular basis.  The third way to get into reselling is to get an account with multiple domains and resell them, but this is really only for clients who have small sites with low traffic.

   There are certain things to look for in order to find the best web hosting company for a re-seller program.  The first thing to look for is an affordable web hosting company that has its own data center.  Companies with leased data centers have more uncontrollable problems with down time that you will have to sort out if you are the one signing people up.  

     Also look for tier discounts on bandwidth and disk space.  This means that the more clients you provide to the hosting company, the cheaper their services become.  You can either pass the savings on to your customers or keep the profit for yourself.  If you are hosting multiple sites on one account, look for unlimited disk space and bandwidth.  Make sure you get the tools from the hosting company that will let you bill clients and take payments on line.  This is much more crucial than you might think if you want to get paid for your services.

If you want to make money as a web hosting re-seller, you have to find the best web hosting re-seller program.  

    Try the hosting company out for yourself with an individual account before you sign up as re-seller.  The best web hosting company will have good customer service, 99.9% up time, and everything else they promise.  If your experience is bad, but the price is right for you to make money, it means more customer service on your part.  

    Becoming a web hosting re-seller is a lucrative business because there are so many people out there who want a website, but don’t want to do any work on it.  For a relatively small fee, they are more than happy to let someone else create and manage it for them.  As a re-seller, you can use a larger hosting company’s resources and provide a more personal touch that will help people launch, manage, and profit from their own website while you make money as well.     

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Secrets of Web Hosting Companies

The Secrets Of Web Hosting Companies
Finding The Right Web Hosting Company

If you don’t know anything about web hosting companies, you should read this before you sign up with one.  

     Because if you think about it, you are really giving your money and control of your website over to a company whose facilities you will probably never see, and whose employees you will never meet.  Your website and all of its data can be accessed by complete strangers at any time, and there is nothing you can do about it.  In fact, try an online search like, “I hate web hosting companies,” and you’ll more than likely come up with some really disgruntled web masters’ blogs that will discourage you from ever signing up with any company at all. 

It may seem impossible to find that one company that will do you no wrong, but it isn’t really.  

     Many people are unhappy with their web hosting companies simply because they didn’t sit down and figure out what they needed in the first place. And also what realistic expectations they should have from any company that provides web hosting services.  There aren’t as many people that truly get burned by web hosting companies as the bloggers out there would like you to think.

The most common mistake that you can make is signing up for a two or three year contract to get a cheaper rate.  

    When you sign up for a really low rate in conjunction with a long term plan, you usually have to pay in advance.  So unless you can prove extreme technical negligence on the part of a low-cost web hosting company, you are out of luck getting your money back just because you think you got a raw deal.  They either won’t refund your money, or they will continue to charge your card, even if you try to cancel the account.  These contracts are iron clad.

     Most of web hosting companies have a 30-day money-back guarantee, but it works to their advantage and not to yours.  Think about it.  It may take you a couple of months to get your site up and running, only to find out that your third party software isn’t compatible (like the customer service rep said it would be) and your site doesn’t function the way you want it to.  If the thirty days is over, you will find it written in your contract that the cheap web hosting company you signed up with isn’t responsible.  

The best case in any situation is to sign up for a year or less and pay a few extra bucks.  

     A year isn’t that long of a time, and if you hate the company that much, it isn’t that much money to swallow.  Another piece of advice, though, is to spend the extra twenty dollars to make sure that you have independent ownership of your own domain name.  If you take the free domain name offered by the hosting company and you decide to break your contract, you have to pay for the rights to take the name as well as pay the rest of the contract.

It is important to find out who owns the servers.

     Another mistake is to check out the brand of computers a company uses for their servers without finding out if the hosting company owns them or not.  If a company leases space from another data center, they have no control over its physical location, its security, or its equipment.  This means that you could sign up with a company in New Jersey, only to find out they have a data center in Dallas.  When the center in Dallas goes down, the customer sales reps will have little information about when it will be up again.  Ask a customer sales rep before you sign a contract where the data center is.  If the web hosting company itself owns the data center, get as much information as you can, including the location, type of building, and how old the computers are.

Look out for ‘over-stuffed’ packages from budget web hosting companies.  

     A lot of the time, they will give you all kinds of software that you don’t need to make up for a lack of disk space and bandwidth.  This includes things like multiple free image galleries and site builders, unlimited sub-domains, unlimited numbers of addresses, advertising credits, multiple ways to blog, multiple kinds of shopping carts, and software that isn’t necessary for anything.  Ask yourself:  if you are only getting a limited amount of disk space or bandwidth, do you really need to be concerned about all of these extras?

Last but not least, you have to be honest with the hosting company on your own part.  

     Are you trying to load an enormously huge web site on to a cheaply-priced, shared web hosting plan?  Even if it says unlimited disk space and bandwidth in the advertising, the hosting company will spell it out in your contract.  They will also say that if you purposely abuse your hosting contract as a customer, they can drop you without a refund

It may sound like all web hosting companies are trying to pull a scam, but they aren’t.  

     You just have to ask a lot of questions before you sign a contract. And if you don’t know what you are doing, be prepared to suffer a few setbacks in the process of learning how to manage a website if you don’t ask a lot of questions first.  

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

There are Many Ways that Coupons Software Promotes Sales

Coupons Software Promotes Sales
Coupons Software Is Almost Essential These Days
Coupons software is an essential part of a digital marketing campaign if you want to maximize immediate sales opportunities. 

    There are many ways to take advantage of this software with regards to offering targeted deals to customers. This is because these strategies can also be integrated into your SMS marketing, Twitter account, and Facebook efforts.

    Coupons software also offers a unique opportunity in the fact that while an existing business may use coupons software to promote its products, this software may also be purchased and used independently to create a company solely devoted to coupon distribution for other businesses. 

     For example, a travel agency can promote deals from other agencies or an individual person can even set up their own coupon distribution business for something like grocery coupons. In both cases, this is called a referral business - where the business is essentially paid for the referrals when the customer redeems the coupons. 

Quality coupons software can create coupons with bar codes which can then be distributed in conjunction with various promotions:

Website Daily Deals

     Coupons can be generated for your website that can be dated for the current day, the weekend or even a time of the day. Coupons can also be marked for geographic locations or aimed at specific types of customers. These coupons can be printed out from you website or sent to mobile devices on your mailing list.

Email Coupons

    These coupons are generated and then emailed to existing customers or sent to a purchased list. The coupons are then printed with a bar code or they can be used online with a promo code. Coupons code software also comes with email templates to make them easier to send out quickly.

Facebook and Twitter

     Because the coupons can be loaded onto a mobile phone, customers can also share their coupons via Facebook or Twitter. As well, coupons can be posted on Facebook or sent out from the company to all of its Twitter followers. This software will also include a referral system whereby customers who refer people will receive some type of benefit.

Charity Coupons

     You can program the bar-codes on coupons to donate a certain amount of the purchase to a charity. This is great for fundraisers, and a great incentive for someone to purchase a product, in addition to saving money.

    Coupons software can also manage site content, track recent deals, and generate many different reports - which can be grouped by users, sales, businesses, charities, and cities. Much of this software also has RSS feed and SEO capabilities.