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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

10 Reasons To Visit A Japanese Garden

10 Reasons To Visit A Japanese Garden
Japanese Gardens Are Peaceful

There are many different kinds of outdoor parks to visit when you want to relax and enjoy your free time, but a Japanese garden is a special place to go for peace and refection. 

If you really want to escape the fast pace of life for a while, a Japanese garden will take you on an unexpected and tranquil journey in the midst of a chaotic landscape. 

And most Japanese gardens are conveniently located in larger urban areas. So if you want to take a 2 hour break or so, a Japanese garden is the perfect place to do it.

And here are 10 other reasons to visit a Japanese garden if you haven’t ever been:

1. A Japanese garden can teach you about the Zen philosophy. 

The organization of a Japanese garden stems from the Zen Buddhists who used rocks and sand formations to enhance meditation. The rocks represent islands and the sand represents water. Reflecting on these specially arranged natural elements is very calming and illuminating.

2. A Japanese garden is very peaceful and relaxing. 

You can sit and reflect on the arrangements of the stones and the sand or you can listen to the fountains. You can also stroll though the walkways and admire the plants. Most people that go to a Japanese garden are there to do the same thing, so it is also usually quiet.    

3. A Japanese garden can teach you about a different culture.  

A Japanese garden is very reflective of the Eastern philosophy, so the plants and the other garden elements are Japanese in nature. A Japanese garden will often times have a tea house where they may demonstrate a traditional tea ceremony.

4. A Japanese garden can inspire you. 

When you walk around a Japanese garden, you will see many possibilities for your own home. Whether you have your own garden or not, you will see many plants which you can have indoors. As well, you may want to get your own miniature sand box and rake to sit on your coffee table for peaceful reflection. 

5. A Japanese garden is historical. 

The Japanese garden dates back to the year 612 when Buddhists first introduced them to Japan. Many modern Japanese gardens are modeled after these originals. 

6. A Japanese garden is a great place to think about the meaning of life. 

Because a Japanese garden is built philosophically, the design of the garden will have you thinking philosophically as well.

7. A Japanese garden is a place where you can admire someone’s hard work.  

A Japanese garden requires an incredible amount of work to build and maintain and takes years to mature. It is an inspiring experience to enjoy the intense effort that someone put into something as simple as a garden.  

8. A Japanese garden is a mini universe. 

Because the garden is meant to mimic islands and water, the Japanese garden represents its own universe. You are simply a giant who has wandered into a world that is unique unto itself. (This is what we mean when we say that a Japanese garden will get you philosophizing!)

9. A Japanese garden takes you to a different world.  

The world of a Japanese garden is a step back in time because of its ancient design. However, unlike other historical and educational attractions, a Japanese garden is a living thing, and will transport you entirely to a different plane in the universe.

10. A Japanese garden is simply a beautiful place. 

Putting all other reasons aside, a Japanese garden is a just a beautiful place to visit.  Of all the gardens and parks that you can go to, a Japanese garden will stand out in your mind as one of the most beautiful places you have ever been. 

If you don’t have a public Japanese garden in your area, look one up online. There are plenty of pictures and you can take a virtual tour that will show you just how beautiful a Japanese garden really is. 

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