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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

College Students Who Want to Become Engineers Can Get Scholarships and Grants

College Students Who Want to Become Engineers Can Get Scholarships and Grants
The Sky Is The Limit With An Engineering Scholarship
An engineering degree is required if you want to work in an executive capacity for any contractual company that designs and builds structures like bridges, roads, buildings, electrical grids, or other infrastructures like sewer systems. However, an engineering degree from a reputable college that will pay off in the form of a high-salaried career will be expensive.  

This is why it is important to excel in math, geometry, and physics in high school if you want to get a scholarship that will pay for a degree in engineering.  High marks in these areas are what organizations look for when they hand out scholarships. To get an idea of what it takes to get one of these scholarships, you first need to know the names of the organizations that hand them out.

The Wire Enforcement Institute Education Foundation will pay your tuition directly to your school if you qualify. This grant is for students who want to concentrate on civil and structural engineering. There are many different kinds of engineering degrees, so if this is what you are interested in pursuing, it would be wise to give this organization a call.

The University of Maine also hands out scholarships to students who are dedicated to microelectronics and semiconductor engineering and offers tuition reductions to students that excel in this field. Once again, though, good grades are part of this scholarship in order to receive it and then keep it.

If you want to go to school and need any kind of tuition money to complete an engineering degree, there are also other places to apply for scholarships. This includes the National Society of Professional Engineers, the Institute of Industrial Engineers, and the American Society of Civil Engineers. These are only a few of the sources that offer these kinds of scholarships and grants. 

Engineering Scholarships For Better Careers

This is because the United States relies heavily on new engineering talent to develop and maintain the U.S. infrastructures. And with many new infrastructure programs being started by the government to "Make America Great Again," now is the time to study harder in math and science to get a scholarship. And get an in-demand career that will pay well for a lifetime.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Essay Themes & Topics That Win Scholarships

Essay Themes & Topics That Win Scholarships
Essay Themes & Topics Win Scholarships 
Most students who are looking for scholarships have the same credentials.  

This includes good grades, extracurricular activities and volunteer work. However, what most high school students put off until the last minute is their college application essays. 

This is unfortunate, because most committees that award scholarships assume that you already have the grades to get the scholarship and merely glance over that part of your application.

What these people really want to read is your essay, because it not only separates you from the crowd, it also conveys what you want to do with the scholarship once you graduate college. These scholarship committees are made up of professors, community leaders, and even elected politicians. Anyone can get good grades, but the essay is really what wins the scholarship.

Popular Winning Essay Themes & Topics

One of the best themes for an essay that wins a scholarship is the theme of overcoming adversity. If you have excelled in spite of a situation that would prevent most students from getting exceptional grades in high school, don't hesitate to explain your situation and the hard work it took to succeed. You don't have to brag, just be honest.

Personal heroes are also a great theme for a college essay that is written in order to win a scholarship. The best heroes are the local ones that you can identify with and also relate to your major that you want to declare. For example, if you want to obtain a degree in sociology, write about a volunteer in your community who has made a difference.

If you want to major in English, you can also refer to an author who has been an influence in your writing. At any rate, the writing in your essay is really what reveals the true person that you are.  So if you want to be considered for a scholarship, the essay you write has to come from your heart and really tell what you care about as a person. And who you want to become in the future, using the scholarship money you are awarded.

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Sunday, May 13, 2018

As a Spouse or Dependent of Military Personnel, You May Qualify For College Scholarships

As a Spouse or Dependent of Military Personnel, You May Qualify For College Scholarships
American Military Scholarships Are Worth Applying For
The United States respects the work and sacrifices that the men and women of the military make in the line of duty. And while serving in the US military is certainly rewarding, there are extra perks that the United States provides to their soldiers who enlist and perform in the U.S. Navy, the Army, and the Air force that help with their families in addition to housing and health insurance. 

If you are serving your country, you may have received a college scholarship in the form of a ROTC scholarship; but did you know that your spouse and children can receive college scholarships as well, due to your service in the military?

These college scholarships are provided by the Military Spouse and Dependents Scholarship Program. This is a program that pays for the tuition of spouse and dependents of military men and women who decide to attend college. This is a great benefit for military personnel and can pay up to $10,000 per individual who applies and is accepted into the program.

This scholarship money is available to the dependents of both active and retired soldiers and any dependent or spouse can collect the money at any time as long as they are enrolled in school. While $10,000 may not cover the entire expenses of a college education, it is a great opportunity for a student to get started or even finish their education if the family does not have enough money for tuition.

While serving in the U.S. military is hard work, this benefit alone makes it worthwhile when you and your family can get financial help with a college education.  So, if you serve in the military and your spouse or children want to continue an education after high school, this is an important program that can help with college expenses.

Private Scholarship Opportunities For Military Families

There are also private organizations, like Folds of Honor, that offer scholarships to the spouses and children of military personnel. Make sure to do a browser search for all military scholarships so that you can be sure to get all of the money for college that is available. 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Math and Science Students Who Excel Have a Great Chance at Landing College Scholarships

Math and Science Students Who Excel Have a Great Chance at Landing College Scholarships
Take A Hands-On Approach To Math & Science Scholarships 
Going to college these days is expensive; and if your family is having financial problems, they may not be able to afford your tuition. So if you want to go to college and you aren't a gifted athlete, you may want to hit the math and science books and study harder in order to get a scholarship in this area of study.

You may not get a full scholarship, but if you can win the science fair and know what the formula for E=MC squared means, you may want to check into college money that is available for math and science wizards. One example is the Alfred C. Knight scholarship that is awarded to students who are both proficient in math as well as the sciences. This scholarship is offered by the Arizona State University and can pay up to $10,000 over the course of your education. 

The Saint Louis University College of Arts and Sciences offers the A.R. Herman Scholarship program which also provides tuition money for students who excel in the field of applied sciences. To earn this scholarship, academic merit and financial hardship must be proven in order to qualify.

Along the same lines, Toledo's college of Arts and Sciences offers the A. Jackson & Sally K. Smith Scholarship fund. This scholarship is awarded to upperclassmen who follow a course of study in the field of Astronomy and other Astro-science courses that are presented by the college.

Many Math And Science Scholarships Available

These are only a few examples of what you can expect if you pursue the study of math and sciences. There are many people who are passionate about these pursuits; so you may find many other sources of scholarships through colleges that are dedicated to math and science, as well as private foundations funded by individuals. As well, don't overlook state-sponsored math and science scholarships for residents who choose to study and work locally, including those who wish to become teachers.

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

There Are Many Non-Traditional Scholarships and Grants for College

There Are Many Non-Traditional Scholarships and Grants for College
There Are Many Unusual Places That Give Scholarships And Grants
When you think about a scholarship for college, it is usually awarded for scholarly or athletic merit. In the case of grants, they are usually given out on the basis of financial need.

However, there are college scholarships and grants that are awarded for less traditional accomplishments. For example, if you are left- handed, or follow science fiction movies, you may be awarded scholarship money for college from alternative organizations that want to promote their own obscure interests.

You may not get a full scholarship, but you may pick up some extra cash for school from your dedication to the unusual.

For non-traditional scholarships, you may need to take stock of your physical attributes and then do some internet research.  If you are a male and over 6'2" or a female who is at least 5'10", you may want to contact the Tall Club International who offers money for college if you submit an essay about "What Being Tall Means to Me." 

Scholarships can also be awarded to those who have a specific last name. The Van Valkenburg Memorial scholarship is awarded to students who have this last name or a variation of it. This scholarship is worth $1,000 in cash and has no restrictions on where it is spent.

Getting back to left-handed students, the Frederick and Mary F. Buckley scholarship goes to left-handed upper classmen who attend Juanita college. Financial need has to be proven and you also have to show that you favor your left hand when you perform tasks like writing.

Do Some Intense Scholarship Research

There are many other off-beat scholarships, so if you have something that you feel is an unusual trait or a specific interest, you can probably find an organization that will at least give you some money for college. Leave no stone un-turned, and even if you are in the upper years of college, you should still keep on the lookout for those unusual scholarships. 

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