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Sunday, August 5, 2018

What Are Some Shade Loving Plants For The Garden?

What Are Some Shade Loving Plants For The Garden?
Ground Covers Grow Well In Shaded Areas

If you have a garden that doesn’t get any sun, you may be blessed with lots of trees that provide beautiful shade, or you may simply have buildings or walls that don’t allow for sun to shine into your outdoor areas. 

Either way, there are many plants that thrive without a lot of sun or even a lot of water. In fact, many of these shade loving plants are also overall low-maintenance.

Non-flowering Shade Loving Plants

There are many plants that are colorful and decorative in their own way even though they don’t necessarily flower. These are plants like bamboos, mints, boxwoods, heucheras, ferns, hostas, and variegates.  These plants have distinctive leaves and add a beautiful variety to any garden that doesn’t get sun.

Flowers That Love The Shade

Many people think that because their garden doesn’t get any sun that they can’t have beautiful flowers. Actually, many flowers grow in the shade and provide beautiful color for a longer period of time than the flowers that need sun. The shade loving flowers include periwinkles, hydrangeas, some varieties of roses and azaleas, just to name a few. Some of these flowers can be grown in pots as well, so if you are looking at a terrace garden that doesn’t get a lot of sun, these flowers are perfect. 


Groundcovers are for those bare dirt places in your garden that don’t get a lot of sun and also the places where nothing seems to grow. A good ground cover will take over these places and not only beatify them, but are practically no-maintenance.  Groundcovers are especially good under trees and around drainage ditches and other places that need something more than just grass or weeds to hide bare dirt. Many ground covers even bloom for added color in a dark corner of the garden.

The only thing that you have to watch with ground cover is that you have to make sure that they don’t take over the whole garden; so they may need to be cut back occasionally. Easy-to-grow ground covers include winter creepers, periwinkles, creeping raspberry, various ivies, sedge grass, hen-and-chicks,  and bluebells, which are only a few of the ground covers that grow almost anywhere and are perfect to fill in the bald spots of a shaded garden.


If you have an urban garden, you may have a small dark space that is walled in or doesn’t get sun because of neighboring buildings. There may not be enough room for large trees, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a few trees to anchor your garden. The trees that fit neatly into these types of gardens are called understory trees. Understory trees live under taller trees, so they don’t get very big and they don’t need a lot of light.

Some examples of understory trees include dogwood trees, persimmons, serviceberries, winged elms, greenbriers, and spice bushes.  Some of these trees flower in the springtime and go perfect with a ground cover or other shade flowers to create a perfect little urban garden.

So as you can see, no matter where you live or how much shade you have, you can make a beautiful garden with the right kinds of plants and trees.

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