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Monday, July 9, 2018

Adding A Water Feature To Your Garden Sets It Apart From Others

Adding A Water Feature To Your Garden Sets It Apart From Others
A Water Feature Adds So Much To Your Backyard

Once you have a beautiful home garden established, you will definitely want to add a water feature as the finishing touch to make your garden complete.

Many people shy away from water features because they think that they are expensive or time-consuming to maintain, but they are actually easy to build and almost maintenance-free.

Also, any of the well-stocked home-improvement centers will have the supplies you need to build and maintain a water feature for your garden at a price which will be lower than expected.

Deciding On A Design

The design of your water feature will depend on where you live and how much room you have. Although there are two elements that all water features have. This is a basin where the water is stored and a fountain that moves the water which makes a pleasant sound and keeps the water from stagnating.

The wonderful thing about a basin that holds the water is that it can be anything from a small clay pot to large pond, depending on what scale you are planning to build your water feature. Be sure to use your imagination and personalize your water feature for the full effect! Large clay pots, antique bathtubs, and other unusual containers all make for creative water features.

As well, don’t underestimate your creative abilities. Even something as complicated sounding as a pond can be made by using a children’s swimming pool and disguising it with rocks and plants. The point we are trying to make here is that you can have a sophisticated-looking water feature without hiring someone to design and execute it.

What You Will Need

Once you have a design picked out, there are a few simple items that you will need to complete the project. This includes a water pump, a fountainhead kit, a water-tight container, some type of water sealant, and vinyl tubing. If you purchase an electric water pump, you will need a grounded outlet, but there are solar powered water pumps available as well.  If you talk to someone at your local home improvement center about building a water feature they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Executing Your Design

Picking a spot for your water feature is important, because you will want it in a place where you can admire it while you are sitting outside. If you have an electric pump, it will also need to be near a grounded outlet.

For any water feature design, the water pump will go in the bottom of the basin and the electric cord will have to run to an outlet. Any holes will need to be sealed and the vinyl hose will be used to connect the water pump to the fountain head. You will also need some sort of stand for the fountain that will sit inside the basin. In the case of clay pots, you may turn a smaller pot upside down and sit it inside the larger pots. This makes a stand for the fountain and hides the water pump.  

Once the fountain is in place, you are ready to add water and enjoy!

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